Orihuela Costa Buy and Sell

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It’s Free to Buy and Sell your personal items on the Orihuela Costa Buy and Sell Facebook Group and always will be. We also actively support local businesses in the area who help support the group giving us admin coverage 7 days a week from 9 am to 9 pm by allowing them promotional message each month in the group, many buy and sell groups don’t allow any business promotions. Only clients of Leonico Ltd are allowed to post business promotional messages.

Find out how to become a client of Leonico Ltd and sponsor the group today!

A lot of people only wish to be a client of Leonico Ltd so they can post more often in the group. As we don’t sell additional marketing posts in the group and give them as a benefit to our clients, you need to select the sponsorship package you would like below to benefit from additional business promotional posts.

Please note charges are recurring until you cancel your package, you can cancel at any time by simply contacting the admin before the package is due to renew.

Local Marketing Advice Clients

Get to post your business posts in the Orihuela Costa Buy and Sell group.

Doing Business

  • Post in Group of Your Choice
  • 7 Business Posts per Month . .

You’ve seen the value in promoting you’re products/services in the group, you made sales and you want to keep them coming.

More Than Weekly

  • Post in Both Groups
  • 16 Business Posts per Month .

(This is the best package to start off with, you can always upgrade or downgrade at any time!)

You’re all over your business, and you want to keep it front and centre with the local population and people visiting the area, as you get a good uplift in sales and brand awareness for your business.

Active Daily

  • Post in Both Groups
  • Admin @ Service
  • 32 Business Posts per Month

You’re a bigger business that promotes a lot of different products or services, you could be an Estate Agent or a Car Showroom with a lot of inventory or maybe you’re a marketing agency promoting different clients.


  • Post in Both Groups
  • Admin @ Service
  • 62 Business Posts per Month
  • Multiple Businesses

You have more than most when it comes to inventory or services and you want to get coverage for them all. Posting twice times a day you can in front of clients who use Facebook at different points in the day etc.

You are not paying for advertising on Facebook via this offer to become a client of Leonico Ltd. We give our clients free additional business posts on the Orihuela Costa Buy and Sell group as part of our Local Marketing Advice Packages or if you take a banner advert via one of our local information websites you can also qualify for free additional business posts in the group.

If you wish to place adverts on Facebook, you should sign up for a Facebook Advertisers Account; this will get you more targeting options for your adverts.